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Typical wilderness breakfast includes a protein rich porridge, berry soup / jam / fruit, milk with the porridge or coffee, dry bread and butter / cheese. This kind of breakfast for 2 people for 9 mornings weights in total about 1,3 kg.

How much water do I need each morning?To make one of these breakfast recipes for 2 people you need about 1 litre of water, including drinks. Notice that you’ll need drinking water also for the hiking trip before stopping at the next water source (1-2 liters).

Cashew Millet Porridge

It is of course a matter of taste, but I think millet porridge is better than rice porridge. It’s more nutritious too. This is quite a heavy portion. You can make it lighter by replacing figs with dry apples (less … Continue reading

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Bread Pancakes

Poor Knights – that’s the name of this dish in Finnish. Few pieces of almost fresh bread left over from the bus ride to the wilderness – ingredients of a luxurious breakfast. This is suitable also for weekend trips, or … Continue reading

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Russian Buckwheat Porridge

One day I was visiting a russian friend of mine who lives in Berlin. For breakfast she made buckwheat porridge. At first I didn’t even want to taste it as I assumed that I don’t like buckwheat. Surprisingly whole grain … Continue reading

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Instant Oatmeal – Classic Hiking Porridge

This is my most common hiking breakfast as it is fast and easy – and not much dishes to do afterwards. If you stay all day at the camp site or fishing, 70 g oatmeal is most likely enough. To … Continue reading

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