Russian Buckwheat Porridge

One day I was visiting a russian friend of mine who lives in Berlin. For breakfast she made buckwheat porridge. At first I didn’t even want to taste it as I assumed that I don’t like buckwheat. Surprisingly whole grain buckwheat appeared to be quite different from buckwheat flakes – totally different. I fall in love with this porridge.

The portion looks smaller than what it feels in your stomach. Structurewise it stays grainy.

Ingredients for two:

  • 120 g whole buckwheat grain (rinsed well beforehand)
  • 8 g brown sugar (< 2 t.)
  • 1 ml cardamom
  • 20 g sun flower seeds
  • 30 g dry sweet cranberries (pack separately)
  • c. 14 g  butter (1 T.)
  • c. 18 g  dry milk (c. 2 T.)

Weight: 200 g
Water: 6 dl (of which 2 dl cold and clean)

Diatary value estimate (per person): energy 399 kcal, protein 12,3 g, fat 10,1 g, fibre 7 g, some iron and calcium

At home:

  1. Clean the buckwheat well before the trip by rinsing it with cold, hot and cold water. Redehydrating it is a bit of an effort but makes it easier to use buckwheat in the wilderness.


  1. Soaking the buckwheat over night makes the cooking time shorter. Use about 4 dl of cold clean water. This porridge can be eaten also raw, without cooking.
  2. To make a hot porridge, boil the buckwheat until the water is out. Add butter and fry lightly. Add cranberries.
  3. Make milk by mixing 2 table spoonfulls of dry milk powder with 2 dl of clean cold water.

About Piritta

This is blog is written for lovers of nature, beauty and pleasure. Upgrade your hiking experience by exploring great cooking in landscapes! I'm hooked in fishing and hiking in Lapland. Since 2005 I've spent most of my holidays in the wilderness, at least a week per year, some years much more. Dreaming about it and planning the trip months ahead makes the experience last longer! It is great to share my passionate hobby with you. I hope this blog and my wilderness cooking books will offer you plenty of inspiration.
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  1. Marcie says:

    Will be making this at home! Thanks for the recipe.

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