Warm Eggplant “Salad”

Traditional salad this is not – a warm salad is what I had in mind. Rich in flavor, great lunch. I’ve made this at home several times too. The first wilderness version was prepared in July 2012 at the Lemmenjoki National Park nex to the Ravadasköngäs waterfall. 



  • 100g quinoa (whole, washed beforehand)
  • 20 g dry eggplant / aubergine (make thin slices, steam for few minutes before dehydration)
  • 15-20 g sun dried tomatoes
  • 5 g dry paprika / capsicum
  • 10 g dry sherry tomatoes or dry tomato cubes (not necessary)
  • 3 g dry summer onion, the green parts
  • dry garlic slices
  • black pepper, paprika powder, parsley (and salt if you don’t use feta) AND also some jeera and mint if you wish to add an arabic touch to the dish
  • 30-50 g dry, low fat feta (great also without)
  • 30 g pinenuts
  • 10 g olive oil (about 10 ml)

Weight: 215-245 g
Water: about 7 dl


How to make it:

  1. Rehydrate the feta separately from other ingredients. It takes quite a long time, make sure the inner parts are also rehydrated before cooking it.
  2. Rehydrate the eggplant, onions, tomatoes and paprikas.
  3. Roast the pinenuts lightly.
  4. Cook quinoa until half done.
  5. Add the soaked vegetables (you can add the eggplan already earlier in case you didn’t steam it well before the dehydration) and cook until quinoa is soft enough – don’t make porridge, leave something to bite.
  6. Add soaked feta, sherry tomato slices and spices. Heat up for few minutes.
  7. Add oil and decorate the dish with roasted pinenuts. You can serve the warm eggplant salad with wild herbs and hummus sandwiches.

About Piritta

This is blog is written for lovers of nature, beauty and pleasure. Upgrade your hiking experience by exploring great cooking in landscapes! I'm hooked in fishing and hiking in Lapland. Since 2005 I've spent most of my holidays in the wilderness, at least a week per year, some years much more. Dreaming about it and planning the trip months ahead makes the experience last longer! It is great to share my passionate hobby with you. I hope this blog and my wilderness cooking books will offer you plenty of inspiration.
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