Pike is not my favourite fish. But I tend to get them quite often. So many good pike recipes are needed. Shrimp-garlic-soup is one of my favorite pike recipes. If you get a better fish than Pike, there are even more delicious things to do with it.

Incredients for two people:

  • 200-500g fresh pike (or 20 g dry, white, low fat fish)
  • 45 g dry vegetables (onion, carrot, parsnip, potato, etc)
  • dry garlic chips (1-2 teaspoonfulls)
  • 5 g  dry shrimp (from Japan or dry them yourself)
  • 25 g  one cup-a-soup with a shrimp flavour
  • 50 g carlic-herb-flavoured buttercheese (if you use natural cheese or cream, add more carlic and herbs)
  • more than one liter of water

Weight: 125 g


  1. Soak the dry vegetables, garlic and shrimps for 2-6 hours (eg. while walking). If you use dry fish and/or home-dehydrated shrimps, soak them in a different container than the vegetables (different cooking time).
  2. Clean the fish and cut it into eatable pieces. Wash it well.
  3. Boil the soaked vegetables and garlic for about 5 min.
  4. Add the fish (and home-dehydrated shrimps). Boil until the fish is ripe. If the fish is in large pieces you can put everything in the pot at once.
  5. Add the cheese and shrimp-cup-a-soup.
  6. Enjoy your soup hot.
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Spinach Pancakes with Cranberries

Green and red – perfect match! Make delicious spinach pancakes for a late night snack or expand it to a luxurious dinner with mashed potatoes and “wild salad”. These pancakes are healthy, including nothing useless – and easy to bake without eggs. The portion is a bit small for two people if there are no side dishes – one hungry person might wolf down them all at once. 


  • 6 g dry spinach (or nettles)
  • 14 g soya flour
  • 60 g buckwheat flour
  • 15 g dry cranberries (cut in small pieces)
  • 3 g fructose
  • 1,5-2 dl clean (cold) water
  • 1 spoon full of olive oil (14 g)
  • butter or oil for baking (14 g)
  • 1-2 ml salt

Diatary value estimate (the whole portion): energy 569 kcal, protein 14,9 g, fat 15,3 g, fibre 5,97 g

Weight: 126 g
Use of water: 2 dl

Baking tips:

  1. Use a half a litre bottle for mixing the dough. Put 1,5 dl water on the bottom and add all dry ingredients in small portions – shake well in between. Add some oil in it as well.
  2. Let the dough swell for about half an hour. It gets much thicker than normal pancake batter. You might want to add half a deciliter water.
  3. Baking is easier if you cover the Trangia lid with baking paper. Use plenty of butter. Shake the bottle well so that not all the cranberries are on the last pancake. Make small pancakes. There are ready to be flipped when the sides are little brown.
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Hikers’ Hot Chocolat

This is an energy drink. Enjoy it hot old or cold. One portion (35 g)  is 3,2 dl. For special evenings by the camp fire, drop of rum makes it even better.

Incredients per portion:

  • 3 g  dark cocoa powder (7-8 ml)
  • 8 g  brown sugar (10 ml)
  • 1 g  vanilla sugar (1-2 ml )
  • 18 g dry milk powder (30 ml)
  • 5 g soya flour (15 ml)
  • touch of salt
  • spoonfull of cold clean water
  • 2,5 dl hot water
  • (3-5 ml dark rum or Stroh)

Easy to make:

  1. Estimate how much hot chocolate you wish to make during your hike. Make the mixture ready beforehand. (eg. 6-10 portions for two people for 8 days).
  2. When making the hot chocolate, put 4 table spoonfulls (á 15 ml) of the powder mix in a large mug. Mix it with a large spoonfull of clean cold water.
  3. Add hot water and stir well. This way it dissolves better. For a smaller 2-2,5dl portion you can use 3 table spoonfulls of the powder mix.

Diatary value estimate per portion (35 g without the rum) about: energy 131 kcal, protein 9 g, fat 1,8 g and some calcium

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Ocean Risotto

A simple and fast dish to prepare in difficult conditions. No soaking of dry incredients needed, not much water required, all incredients can be found in grocery stores. One minus point though:  the tuna package is heavy waste.

Incredients for two:

  • 125 g  whole grain rice (10min cooking time – or quinoa!)
  • 170g   tuna in a lime pepper dressing (2 x 85 g, example >) – IF you have tuna without a dressing, add 5 g  lemon juice, black pepper and herbs
  • 2-5 g    green nori sprinkle (picture >)
  • 10 g   butter, if you have some
  • 4-4,5 dl water

Weight: 315 g

Easy to make like this:

  1. Cook the rice (if you make it “like sushi rice”, there will be no water left at the end and straining is not needed).
  2. Add the tuna, nori and butter. Mix and eat.
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Luxury Forest Mushroom Risotto

This meal feels absolutely luxurious in the wilderness and easy to cook. If you change the vegetables a bit, you can find all the ingredients in super markets – no need to dehydrate things yourself.

Risotto is lovely with fish. In case you get lucky, this portion might be too big. As a side dish, leave the soya groats out.

Incredients for two:

  • 125 g  fast risotto rice (15 min cooking time, wash it beforehand!)
  • 13 g  dry mushrooms (shiitake / chantarelle / boletes)
  • 34 g  dry vegetables: onion, leek, carrot, parsnip, zucchini, sun dried tomato, dry capsicum (use those that you have available)
  • 1-2 g dry garlic ships (or 2 fresh cloves)
  • 15 g  light soya groats (= textured vegetable protein, small size)
  • 18 g  butter (a couple of large clods)
  • herbs (eg. parsley, tarragon, basilica, thyme)
  • black pepper and salt
  • 10-20 g  roasted almond flakes
  • 20-50 g some flakes of good parmesan, if possible
  • 14 g  a drop of dry white sherry, if possible (eg. La Guita, Manzanilla, Spain, 15%)

Weight: 250 g
Water: < 1 liter (of which at least 1 dl clean, as not all of it has time to boil for long enough)

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Soak the mushrooms in a small amount of water. The rehydration time varies between 15 min and 6 hours depending on the type and size of mushrooms.
  2. Soak the vegetables and soya in a small amount of water (enough to get them well covered in a container) at least for an hour or two (this can take place while you walk).
  3. Put the rehydrated mushrooms in a pot, heat up and waite until the left over liquid dissapears. Add butter and fry lightly.
  4. Add the soya, the vegetables and the rice in the pot and about 3-4 dl of water. Let it boil slowly. Add clean water in small quantities until the risotto is ready.
  5. Add luxury incredients: sherry and cheese. Decorate with almonds.
  6. Eat well and feel good

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Curry Pike

Fish in a curry sauce. For the one who loves sweet surprises, there are some mango pieces too. If your fish is small, cook also rise with this. For a larger fish nothing else is needed.

Incredients for two:

  • 300-500 g fresh pike
  • curry spices (grind and mix beforehand): 5 ml jeera seeds, 5 ml coriander seeds, 2 ml fennel seeds, 5 ml turmeric, 1 ml ginger powder OR 15-20 ml ready made curry spice mix eg. Hot Madras Curry Powder plus some ginger
  • 30 g vegetable oil (about 30 ml)
  • 5 g dryed onion
  • 1-2 g dry garlic ships (or 2 fresh cloves)
  • 15 g coconut powder (no coconut flakes! this is powder that turnes into coconut milk)
  • 15 g dry mango
  • a little pit of clean water
  • foil paper to cover the frying pan

Weight: 70 g

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Clean the fish and cut it into large eatable pieces. Wash them and check that they all fit on the frying pan. It doesn’t necessary need to be files, you can pick the bones out later.
  2. Put the spices and a bit of oil on the pan. Fry lightly a minute or two.
  3. Add garlic and onions (this will have enough time to soften during the cooking, but of course it’s better if you soak them beforehand).
  4. Add the fish, more oil and fry them for a while. Turn the fish pieces around.
  5. Add the coconut, mango and clean water (not enought time to boil it clean). Simmer underneath the foil paper.
  6. Enjoy! (unless you didn’t remove the bones yet)

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Buckwheat Root Vegetable Stew

Delicious Slavic dish for dinner or heavy lunch. This requires quite time consuming preparations before the hike, but it’s definetely worth it. This dish is very easy and fast to cook out in the wilderness – and it gives you plenty of energy and delight.

Incredients for two:

  • 100 g whole buckwheat groats  (washed)
  • 6 g dry onion
  • 20 g dry cabbage (half of a fresh one, precooked)
  • 10 g dry carrots (few fresh ones, precooked)
  • 30 g dry parsnip (about 200g fresh, precooked)
  • 16 g light soya groats (= textured vegetable protein, small size)
  • 8 g dry lingonberries (without sugar) or a handful of fresh ones
  • 10 g vegetable oil (few tea spoonfuls)
  • spices: 5 ml whole cummin, 2 ml marjoram, 3 ml parsley, 2 ml black pepper, 1-2 ml white pepper, 10 ml brown sugar
  • (+ smetana / creme fraiche, if you can carry it with you when skiing or canoeing. The dish is good also without it.)

Weight: 200 g + smetana

To do beforehand at home:

  1. Wash the buckwheat very well in hot and cold water. Make it dry again.
  2. Cut the root vegetables into small even size pieces. Steam them a for few minutes to avoid parsnip getting dark and to reduce the cooking time. Dry the root vegetables in the owen. How to dry vegetables >
  3. You can pack all the dry incredients in the same bag, except keep the spices apart.

Cooking the stew:

  1. Rehydrate the vegetables, soya, buckwheat and dry lingonberries in a container (or in the pot if you are already at the camp site) with plenty of water. Notice that this all will not fit in a half a liter jar (like in most other recipes here).
  2. Put oil and the well soaked incredients in the pot (and add water until the incredients are well covered). Boil it peacefully for about 10 min. Don’t burn it, stir occasionally and check the amount of water.
  3. Add the spices and cook for few more minutes until it’s a lovely soft stew.
  4. Serve and enjoy – if possible with fresh lingonberry mash and smetana.
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Beetroot patties and mashed potatoes

Delicious and nutritious vegetarian “steaks”. Easy preparations: you don’t necessary need to dry any incredients by yourself – everything can be found in grocery stores (in Helsinki at least). The patties are easy to make wheat, egg and glutene free.

Incredients for two:

  • 25 g dry beetroot flakes and dry onion (cut into small pieces beforehand)
  • 30 g dark soya groats (= textured vegetable protein, small size)
  • 30 g soya flour (keeps things together, can be replaced by 2 eggs)
  • 32 g crushed dry rye bread (it is about 2 slices)
  • spices: black pepper (1-2 ml), white pepper (1 ml), salt
  • < 1 g dry garlic ships
  • 30 g vegetable oil / butter (a large spoonfull)
  • one piece of baking paper
  • some foilpaper or a lid for the frying pan
  • 80 g   incredients for mashed potatoes

Weight: 150 g + 80 g = 230 g
Water: 3,5-4 dl
(clean) + half a liter to make the mashed potatoes


  1. Mix the dry incredients together and soad them in 3,5 dl of clean water for two hours at least. Check the amount of water.
  2. Put the baking paper on the frying pan and add a bit of oil / butter on it. Create small patties on it with a spoon. Make them small enough – easier to turn them.
  3. Bake them ripe from both sides. Don’t turn them too early or the patties will break into small pieces.
  4. Make the side dishes: Boil water and make the mashed potatoes. If it’s early summer and you find some willowherb (maitohorsma in Finnish), that makes a beautiful side dish too. Fry the willowherb lightly in butter, add salt and black pepper.
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Arabian Stew

This meal is a classic in my hikes – I’ve carried it almost on every hike since 2006. I have no idea is it arabian style or not, but this is the name I’ve used. Years ago I made this with couscous, until I learned about quinoa. Quinoa is amazingly nutritious.

The portion is large for two people, but if you happen to be a couple of two large males, you might want to consider using 120 g of quinoa, 50 g of vegetables in total and 50-100g lentils.

Incredients for two:

  • 100 g whole quinoa grain (rinse it very well beforehand and dry it again)
  • 20 g  dry tomato puree* (if you wish not to dehydrate it yourself, you can use also 25 g of tomato cup-a-soup, then don’t add salt to the dish)
  • 7 g  dry onion
  • 25 g  dry corn*
  • 13 g  dry carrot flakes (precooked*)
  • 12 g  sun dried tomato
  • 25 g  red lentils
  • 1-2 g dry garlic ships
  • two different ways to spice it up: A: plenty of dry mint, black pepper (2 ml), 0,5 ml chayenne pepper (0,5 ml) and paprika (2ml) OR B: cummin (jeera, 10 ml), black pepper (4 ml), paprika (4 ml), coriander (5 ml), turmeric (3 ml)
  • salt
  • 30 g  vegetable oil (c. 2 T.)

* There are few incredients that you might not find in the stores. Here are the tips how to dry them yourself >

Weight: about 235 g
Water: about one liter (including water for the rehydration)

How to cook this stew:

  1. Rehydrate the vegetables, tomato and soya in a container with plenty of water. You can soak the quinoa too if it fits in the same container (most likely not).
  2. Fry the garlic ships and other spices (not the mint) in the oil for a minute.
  3. Put the soaked incredients and quinoa in a pot, add a little bit of water (this is a stew, not soup). Boil until the quinoa is almost well done. This might take about 10 min + the time it takes for the water to boil (depends on the type of cooker you use). Let it simmer a minute or two. Be careful, it burnes easily.
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