Pickled Raw Fish

The best way to enjoy a good fish – the next day

Ingredients and tools

  • 1 kg fresh fish (salmon, whitefish, brown trout, grayling)
  • 3 T. sea salt (c. 40 g, rough grain better than fine)
  • 1 T. white sugar (c. 14 g)
  • 3-4 t. peppers and herbs
    (Brown trout: black pepper and dill;
    Whitefish: white pepper, black pepper and dill;
    Grayling: rosepepper and thyme)
  • 1 disinfection towelette to clean your hands
  • 1 flat container with a tight lid (square if possible)
  • 1 cutting board (and a baking paper underneath it to expand the ”table”)
  • 1 sharp knive

How to make it: 

  1. Scale the fish and gut it. Clean it well. Cut the fish into large file pieces – match the size and shape of the container. Keep the skin on it.
  2. Put salt on the fish pieces as much as stays on them (both sides). Add other spices (not on the skin side). Sugar makes the fish soft, amount is up to your taste.
  3. Put a fish piece in the container skin down. Put an other piece on top of it so that the thicker part is on top of the thinner part of the other piece. If the container doesn’t get full, put a baking paper over the last piece and somekind of weight.
  4. Keep it in a cold, fridge temperature for 12-24 hours. Rotate the container occasionally.
  5. Before eating the fish, skratch all the spieces off. Cut very thin slices and remove them from the skin. Thin parts of the fish will be ready first.

About Piritta

This is blog is written for lovers of nature, beauty and pleasure. Upgrade your hiking experience by exploring great cooking in landscapes! I'm hooked in fishing and hiking in Lapland. Since 2005 I've spent most of my holidays in the wilderness, at least a week per year, some years much more. Dreaming about it and planning the trip months ahead makes the experience last longer! It is great to share my passionate hobby with you. I hope this blog and my wilderness cooking books will offer you plenty of inspiration.
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