Beetroot patties and mashed potatoes

Delicious and nutritious vegetarian “steaks”. Easy preparations: you don’t necessary need to dry any incredients by yourself – everything can be found in grocery stores (in Helsinki at least). The patties are easy to make wheat, egg and glutene free.

Incredients for two:

  • 25 g dry beetroot flakes and dry onion (cut into small pieces beforehand)
  • 30 g dark soya groats (= textured vegetable protein, small size)
  • 30 g soya flour (keeps things together, can be replaced by 2 eggs)
  • 32 g crushed dry rye bread (it is about 2 slices)
  • spices: black pepper (1-2 ml), white pepper (1 ml), salt
  • < 1 g dry garlic ships
  • 30 g vegetable oil / butter (a large spoonfull)
  • one piece of baking paper
  • some foilpaper or a lid for the frying pan
  • 80 g   incredients for mashed potatoes

Weight: 150 g + 80 g = 230 g
Water: 3,5-4 dl
(clean) + half a liter to make the mashed potatoes


  1. Mix the dry incredients together and soad them in 3,5 dl of clean water for two hours at least. Check the amount of water.
  2. Put the baking paper on the frying pan and add a bit of oil / butter on it. Create small patties on it with a spoon. Make them small enough – easier to turn them.
  3. Bake them ripe from both sides. Don’t turn them too early or the patties will break into small pieces.
  4. Make the side dishes: Boil water and make the mashed potatoes. If it’s early summer and you find some willowherb (maitohorsma in Finnish), that makes a beautiful side dish too. Fry the willowherb lightly in butter, add salt and black pepper.

About Piritta

This is blog is written for lovers of nature, beauty and pleasure. Upgrade your hiking experience by exploring great cooking in landscapes! I'm hooked in fishing and hiking in Lapland. Since 2005 I've spent most of my holidays in the wilderness, at least a week per year, some years much more. Dreaming about it and planning the trip months ahead makes the experience last longer! It is great to share my passionate hobby with you. I hope this blog and my wilderness cooking books will offer you plenty of inspiration.
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